Current Training Schedule

MFR members meet throughout the week to train together. During Summer 2022/23 the following trainings will be offered weekly:

  • Social run and dinner on Monday nights, starting at 5:30pm. Roster below.
  • Rotating roster of parkrun’s in MFR’s homeland of the inner north east.
  • Ad-hoc weekend and midweek orienteering training sessions

There will also be occasional additional trainings that will be communicated through our Instagram and Facebook group. To be included in regular communications please use the contact page to sign up to our email list and be added to the Facebook group.


In regards to all trainings we offer:

  • You can choose what sessions you do but we are keen to see you as often as possible!
  • It is available to all – from walkers to runners, regardless of whether you’re a junior, master or elite.
  • Non members are welcome, but we’d love for you to join Melbourne Forest Racers if you enjoy the sessions (including the ‘second club’ option for members of other orienteering clubs).
  • The plan will be updated each quarter, adapting to changing weather and considering events.